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Who we are

We are a group that ensures that you relax soo comfortable. Best fresh waters,best rides,fresh air just for. We ensure your holidays are just the best for you,best homes with awesome clean rooms. Our homestays are located in all areas , we ensure you venture to all areas for your network growth. We accomodate all our clients from different centers of the the country with equal treatment.We are here to because of you for we need you more than you need us.

the best deals



We advice the best areas according to your need and location.The best cost effective for our customers

Joint Venture

We build vacation homes and camps of superior condition in accordance with the laws. We have beautiful homes for you which are also environmental friendly

Itinerary Management

We deliver different itinerary for our client. From farm visit, visit to local market, visit to national park, Beaches and cultural festivals. We are in the process of starting athletic tours in the Kenya champions home towns.

Team Building

We offer corporate team building at out of town with professional coaches

Curio Shops

We organize local communities to sell local products to help elevate poverty.

Price Consulting

We are free with our customers on pricing. We negotiate with property owners to give our clients best prices. You can call +254 (0) 20 811 4500 or email hello@homestayvisit.com. Contact us anytime 24/7.

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